Home watch services in Sarasota

Additional property watch services available.

Our Services - Exterior

  • Examine windows and doors for security or vandalism.

  • Check screens and porch enclosures for tears and damage.

  • Remove newspaper, flyers, packages and phonebooks from yard.

  • Check mailbox, forward mail if requested.

  • Check for mold and mildew on home or lanai.

  • Pool and Spa motor running and clear of debris.

  • Check lawn for cinch bugs or brown patches.

  • ​Starting cars and driving them around block

Security & Peace of Mind

           Licensed  & Insured

Home Watch Services in Sarasota


Our Services - Interior

  • Check interior doors and windows to ensure they are secure.
  •  Check for signs of pests or insects.
  •  Check for water damage/leaks around toilets,water heater, floors

  •  AC and ceilings.

  •  Check temperature and humidity readings.

  •  Check traps in sinks and tubs, flush commodes.

  •  Check and reset microwave and stove clocks.

  •  Check for unusual odors.