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Shut down your devices way before bedtime and avoid social media all night. You won’t miss a thing.

Indoor Air Quality
Improve your home’s air quality by limiting pollutants, allergens, and other irritants that can harm your family’s health.

High humidity promotes mold and dust mite growth. Keeping indoor humidity below 50% will help prevent further infestation. To reduce humidity, use ventilation fans in kitchens and bathrooms, make sure the dryer is properly vented to the outdoors and address any water leaks or condensation issues. Use a dehumidifier in any especially humid locations such as the basement.

Reducing dust can also improve air quality. Dust can be composed of pollen, mold spores, lint, animal dander and even bacteria. It’s impossible to completely rid a home of dust, there are ways to control it. Regular use of a HEPA filter vacuum should help. Change or clean the furnace filter regularly. 

Opening doors and windows whenever possible can also help with indoor air quality. Your home will have better air circulation and “breathe” more easily, and you’ll get to enjoy the fresh air on a nice day.

Use less-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning products. Dispose of old paint, garden chemicals and other products that could leak fumes. Check with your trash collection provider on how to properly dispose of such items.

Updating faucets and fixtures.
Putting fresh batteries in smoke detectors.

Having the furnace and air conditioning serviced.

Making sure there’s clear access to the water heater, electrical panel and main water shutoff.Type your paragraph here.

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Your Spring Cleaning Checklist!
Take one step each day/week!

Declutter your kitchen drawers and cabinets. Give away or donate any unneeded items that are in good condition.
Check the pantry and discard expired items and stale spices.
Clean the shelves and install fresh shelf liner.
Vacuum nooks & crannies in upholstered furniture.
Air out throw pillows outside, weather permitting.
Dust or vacuum window blinds. Have drapes cleaned per the instructions.
Check outside your home for damaged or missing caulk around windows and doors and repair any problem areas.
Have the fireplace and chimney cleaned and inspected by a professional.
Clean the windows inside and out for sparkle and shine.
Place a pot of bright spring flowers by the door to greet your guests and brighten the neighborhood.

Take a Time-Out Just For You

Need to create some space in your life for yourself? Check out some of our favorite tips for sneaking in some peace.

Try getting up earlier than the rest of your family and use the quiet time for yourself, especially on the weekends.

If possible, designate another family member to prepare dinner at least once a week. They’ll learn a lot – and you’ll enjoy the results.

Drive a different route home from work or errands. You’re bound to notice something interesting along the way.